The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas

In THE REAL STORY WITH MARIA ELENA SALINAS, investigative journalist Maria Elena Salinas peels back the layers of national headline-making crimes in search of new evidence, unheard perspectives, and updates to the cases.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: María Elena Salinas

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas
"In 1990, a teenager was convicted of murdering his parents. Forced into a confession by homicide detectives, Martin Tankleff spent twenty years trying to prove his innocence."
"When 22-year-old Erin Belanger and her boyfriend Francisco \"Flacco\" Roman move to Deltona, Florida, they're hoping for a new start. Little do they know the danger that awaits them."
"The mean streets of East Detroit, 2007. An entire house is shot up - four people are dead and one is injured. Maria Elena Salinas exposes a unique view of justice and life on the streets."
"It's 2004, a daycare provider in Corvallis, Oregon is alarmed when two year-old Karly Sheehan, one of her brightest and most energetic children, starts exhibiting strange new behavior while her hair appears to be falling out. Is it too late to save her?"
"In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan was barreling towards the Florida coast when Michelle Jones decides to invite her Aunt Teri and Uncle Charlie to ride out the storm. What was intended to be a fun visit turns into something much darker."
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