Evil Things

Real people share their memories of real life unusual and evil occurrences that happened to them in their lives.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.8

Season 1 - Evil Things
"A camping trip turns terrifying for the new owner of a used camcorder. A man's estranged father's only possession becomes a violent token of their lost time."
"A young couple\u00a0moves\u00a0into their eerie new home to discover that something more than just old toys have been left behind.\u00a0A terrified family's life seems to literally shatter after they hire a new nanny."
"A student inherits horrific visions after surviving a deadly tragedy. A secretive husband unleashes dangerous paranormal forces when he obsesses over the shocking footage found on the mysterious videotapes concealed in his attic."
"A woman's childhood good luck charm may be connected to new paranormal terror. Horrific things happen when an uninvited party guest offers an ominous warning."
"A home full of creepy dolls becomes a house of horrors. Demonic forces disrupt a frightened couple's honeymoon."
"A single mother's wedding engagement turns terrifying when her daughter starts exhibiting strange behavior. Digging up a mysterious time capsule unearths forgotten horrors from the past."
"A terrifying surprise awaits the new owners of an antique cabinet. A desperate man uncovers horrifying secrets hidden in the basement of an abandoned church."